• Mission

    AMG is a new concept which is creating a movement in the market for home owners to support their lifelong investments while creating passive income.

  • Market

    The Canadian real estate market has recently gone through a market correction which has slowed down the increase of market sales and has made it difficult for real estate agents to sell their client's property. We make buying and selling property less stressful, by guaranteeing passive income on the investment.

  • Method

    At AMG, our goal is to cut the hassle and stress of owning an investment, off your shoulders. Our qualified experts work daily to maintain your property and keep it impeccable while receiving payments on time guaranteed!

  • Objective

    AMG is determined to help homeowners feel like they are on top of the world by giving them a way to hold their investment through an economic downturn, poor market performance and the uncertainty of political change.

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Earn Money

List your luxury property with AMG & receive guaranteed monthly income from the moment you sign up.

Step 1

Setup your contract to earn a designated, guaranteed amount and choose to be paid based on your needs either monthly, quarterly or annually. Receive surprise bonus payments and pick a day based on your payment plan in which you will be given a signed post dated company queque or receive cheques on the day of signing.

Step 2

Our interior designers will create the vision for your property to generate client interest and increase property value. In essence we will stage the home, and we will equip it with brand new furniture, paint and any other minor renovations that are deemed necessary within 14 days of signing your contract.

Step 3

Pay off your investment and create wealth! We find reliable and consistent clients to generate income in your property while you reep the benefits of this passive income on your investment. This is different from other rental services as our screening process focusses on luxury properties and only luxury clients.

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Manage Your Property

Upon your approval we manage your property & offer the services to redevelop & add value to your property through property projects.

We Make The Difference

Many investors have properties that sit empty, we work toward creating opportunities for you to achieve wealth from your empty assets. We make this process easy, and those who earn with our program can pay off their assets up to 40% sooner!

It's simple, by collecting passive income on your assets you can pay them off faster.

Total Time To Pay Off Assets

Without Passive Income From AMG
With Passive Income From AMG

Our unique approach delivers outstanding results and earns more for our partners.

Expert Interior Design

We will assist you to fully furnish your property in 14 days or make any changes to existing furnishings.


All of our clients are screened and must agree to your house rules. Additionally we offer free $1M protection for property damage and free $1M liability insurance.

Payment Flexibility

We guarantee our results and you can receive post dated payments the moment you sign up.

Dedicated Support

We are available by phone and email, directly communicate with our founders anytime you need to if you have a question or a problem.

Endless Opportunities

We have options designed to help you grow your wealth from your existing assets so you can sleep easy and focus on other things.

Get Up And Running

We can setup a fully furnished home in 14 days, or if your home is already furnished we start right away. Start earning today!

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Secure The Deal

Real estate agents - Help secure the client to help secure the deal

Let's Get Started

People AMG

  • This was a great decision. I rented a luxury house from AMG. It had a great location, beautiful home, with tons of space for entertaining and for sleeping. Daud was great about accommodating my requests, he responded promptly to questions. This was my first AMG experience and it was a great one. I will recommend it to anyone!

  • The place we absolutely gorgeous. I booked a property through AMG for a weekend. It was more than what we expected. Beautiful home! Full kitchen! Bathrooms attached to each bedroom! Surround sound! Spacious! We didn't want to leave. You simply must book with them!

  • This is by far the best mansion I have been to yet. I build homes for a living and this place was well put together. Daud was super accommodating to my requests and not a hint of any issues what so ever. I am extremely happy as well all my guests were blown away. Fabulous place and outstanding communication!


Get More Out
Of Your Assets

We help you focus on what's really important by taking the stress off of your monthly income.
We help with:

  • Design & development of your property
  • Marketing to luxury clients
  • Property management and maintainence
  • We are your personal concierge to the real estate market
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